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The race of technology is overtaking every area of modern life, and the currency is no exception. The same old type of dollars and cents are fading into the past and being supplanted by money spent and saved in the latest forms.

Welcome to a new kind of cryptocurrency in Whittier, CA. The EPIC Monetary System is known for being the first system to combine this currency with valuable metals to create a new currency called EPIC Digital Dollars (EDDs). The value of this non-typical type of currency is supported with deposited and stored silver and gold, and EDDs are easily transferable. By merging our digital currency with silver and gold coins, we've created our epic monetary system. Call or email us now to join our currency revolution.

The EPIC Monetary System in Whittier, CA

The EPIC Monetary System

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A currency system is only as strong as the confidence it inspires in users and investors. We know that, and it’s easy to find examples throughout history to back up that claim. That’s why we have combined our digital currency with the strength and stability inherent in the value of precious metals.

Gold and silver are sound and solid building blocks for our currency format. The value of these materials is recognized and accepted worldwide, and they are known for following a general upward trend. That’s why we’ve chosen them and why you should know our currency is reliable and safe.

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About Us

Any reputable organization needs leadership that is skilled, talented, and trustworthy. A truly professional company led by example and guided by the steady hand of a visionary who combines sound financial principles with insight, like our company is, then you know good things are in the offing.

Our founder and CEO, Ronald Tucker, has over 20 years of experience in finances and stocks. He's used his vast experience to create a digital money system that is going to change the way cryptocurrencies work. Others have tried, but Mr. Tucker's airtight system is fully supported by silver and gold. Contact us to learn more about our currency system.

Mission Statement: To provide consumers and business organizations with a usable, stable, and valued digital money system.

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