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Welcome to a new kind of cryptocurrency in Whittier, CA. The EPIC Monetary System is known for being the first money system to combine cryptocurrency with precious metals to create a new form of currency called EPIC Digital Dollars (EDDs). The value of this non-typical cryptocurrency is supported with the value of deposited and stored silver and gold, and all EDDs are easily transferable. By merging our cryptocurrency with silver and gold coins, we've created our epic monetary system. Call or email us now to join our cryptocurrency revolution.

The EPIC Monetary System in Whittier, CA

The EPIC Monetary System

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Our founder and CEO, Ronald Tucker, has more than 20 years of experience in the financial and stock industry. He's used his vast experience to create a digital money system that will change the way cryptocurrencies work. Others have tried before him, but Mr. Tucker's airtight system is fully supported by silver and gold. Contact us to learn more about our currency and precious metals.

Mission Statement: To provide consumers and business organizations with a usable, stable, and valued digital money system.

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