Block Chain

About Our Cryptocurrency Business from Whittier, CA

Our History

Our cryptocurrency business from Whittier, CA, was founded in the State of Colorado in October 1997. In September 1999, EPIC became a full reporting company under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and started trading on the Bulletin Board. In December 2001, we voluntarily withdrew our registration under the Exchange Act and have since traded on the OTC Markets. EPIC survived the days of the "new economy" when our price was as high as $7.00 per share in March 2000 and as low as $0.01 more than a year later.

EPIC commenced business as a fabless semiconductor company. Since then, we have been engaged as a financial services company providing in EPIC digital dollars and developing subsidiary companies in a succession of different business models.

  • Name: EPIC Corporation
  • State of Incorporation: Colorado
  • Year of Incorporation: 1997
  • Market Traded: OTC
  • Symbol: EPOR
  • Authorized Stock: 150,000,000 Shares
  • Stock Outstanding: 20,562,130 Shares
  • Stock in Float: 3,809,876 Shares
  • Shareholders: 656
  • Shareholders in Street Name: 500+

Our Management

Ronald S. Tucker, 80, is our founder, chief executive officer, and president chief financial officer and director. He holds or has held, similar positions with Tensleep Technologies, Inc. (OTC:TNSP) now Commodore International Corporation (OTC:CDRL), Tensleep Wireless, Tensleep Financial, and RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd. Mr. Tucker founded R Tucker & Associates, Inc in 1990, and he remains the president to this day. R Tucker & Associates, Inc is a financial and corporate development consulting firm which is the trustee of the Tensleep Trust and RT Associates Trust, each a trust on the Isle of Man.

Mr. Tucker is a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles where he received a Bachelor of Science while majoring in finance and accounting. He is also a graduate of the Loyola University School of Law. Mr. Tucker is an inactive member of the California Bar Association and an inactive member of the Texas Bar Association.

Elliot D Hindman, age 70, is a director.  Since 2012, Mr. Hindman on behalf of personal, family and private investment groups has covered many aspects of precious metals. This includes daily monitoring of precious metals markets; the relationship of precious metals to the respective currencies of various countries; the preparation of recommendations of bullion buy/sell, hold and future buy and forward sales; months monitoring of Gold leasing contracts; and quarterly monitoring of individual country and world-wide Gold and silver production and Shipments.

Mr. Hindman has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from  Jacksonville University, 1967 - 1971, and 1971 - 1972, and Postgraduate economic studies from the University of Florida.

Ronald Uyematsu, 58, since 2016 has been a consultant with a Washington, DC global import/export trade compliance group. Previously, Mr. Uyematsu was a Director, President & CEO of a NASDAQ listed engineering and project management company and was also the founder of a documentary film company. Mr. Uyematsu attended Boston College and the University of California Irvine.